Visit Historic Holly, Michigan and Holly Crossing Bed & Breakfast and step back in time. Ornate Victorian shop fronts, the feel of cobblestone underfoot, and the sound of a train whistle are reminders of days past. Holly lays claim to the first railroad junction in Michigan, built in the days of the lumber barons. Yet surprisingly, where other tracks have lain silent for decades, Holly’s junction is still thriving today. In addition, Holly is the sight of the infamous Battle Alley, where lumber and railroad workers would gather for drinking and carousing. Today, the Alley is the center for shopping, dining and festivals in the village. Visit our Attractions page for a list of festivals and events in and around Holly, Michigan.

The House at Holly Crossing was built in 1892 near the turn-of-the-century where the railroad tracks met main street in this historic railroad village. The original owner, Mark Tenny, was an engineer of the Panama Canal. Mr. Tenny served as Holly Village President for many years and is remembered with a street named in his honor. In the Spring and Summer Holly Crossing boasts an abundance of flora and fauna as well as a gazebo surrounded by a relaxing pond and a large hammock  swing.